Innovative laser solutions for surface treatment and industrial cleaning techniques of tomorrow

With the combination of laser process technology, automation, software and optic technology, powerful integrated solutions for several product lines have been realized

P4S Laser Cleaning reinigen mallen
P4S Laser Cleaning Jetlaser rust-removal
P4S Laser Cleaning Scanywhere laser cleaning
P4S-Laser-Cleaning Scanywhere laser cleaning

We are the official agent for the Jetlaser and Scanywhere in The Netherlands

Products of 4JET Technologies GmbH in Germany.
25 years ago, 4JET (Jet Lasersysteme) developed the world’s first mobile Jetlaser.
A tremendous development has taken place since then.
We can speak of real German quality.

4JET Technologies GmbH
4JET Technologies GmbH


Mobile Laser Cleaning

The Jetlaser is a special developed manual laser cleaning system available in different power levels, ranging from 200W, 500W and 1000W

Laserpower is extremely suitable for manual use or integration with a robot

The Jetlaser integrated with a robot and the world’s highest power cleaning lasers, can also be used for fast workflow solutions resulting in many square meters of cleaning capacity per hour

Typical laser cleaning systems work with 100W to 2000W average laser power and yield cleaning speeds of 10cm2/s to 100cm2/s

The benefits of cleaning with the Jetlaser are:

  • Touchless

  • Dry

  • Non-abrasive

  • Compact

  • Mobile

Suitable for the following applications:

  • Rubber, plastics, food and composite mold-cleaning

  • Rust/oxide removal from metals

  • Cleaning before or after welding

  • Cathodic E-coating and paint removal

  • Surface preparation before coating or bonding techniques

The Jetlaser has a quick return on investment:

  • Less labor cost

    • Less preparation and post-processing

  • Reduced production down time

    • Cleaning possible without disassembly

  • Low running cost of equipment

    • Compact, less square meters needed

    • Energy efficient

    • No central compressed air installation needed

    • No blasting and cleaning media

    • No disposal/recycling of blasting and cleaning media

  • No wear and tear of the material/product

  • Low maintenance

Molds must be cleaned on a regular basis.
Very important is that the structure of the surface of the mold does not change and the original material will not be damaged.
P4S Laser Cleaning Jetlaser mold cleaning
P4S Laser Cleaning Jetlaser mold cleaning
Cleaning of molds:
  • Large injection molds
  • Removal of lubricans, grease and particles of  dirt
  • No disassambly, in the production area
P4S Laser Cleaning rubber mold cleaning
P4S Laser Cleaning rubber mold cleaning
A special designed handheld unit, results in an ergonomic two-hand operating device
Maintenance free solid laser technic into a robust cabinet
Introduction 4JET JETLASER
P4S laser cleaning Jetlaser removing of corrosion and dirt
Removal of dirt and corrosion
Products4Ships Jetlaser video
Removal of corrosion
P4S Laser Cleaning removal of coating
Removal of coating


The robot system for laser surface treatment

The Scanywhere, the robot system that can be integrated in your production line.

For cleaning, surface preparation, structuring and bonding preparation.

The benefits of the Scanywhere are:

  • Touchless

  • Dry

  • Accurate

  • Consistent

For processing complex 3D shaped surfaces it makes perfect sense to combine laser technology and the flexibility and repeatability of industrial robots.

P4S Laser Cleaning Scanywhere laser cleaning

The robot allows to move the laser head
over the surface to be processed following
a pre-programmed motion path.

Core of any Scanywhere solution is a powerful software engine that enables to quickly create an integrated processing recipe for robot motion,
laser scan head operation and laser source controls with only a few mouseclicks.
The Scanywhere software then automatically assures the proper standoff-distance to maintain the right laser focus
and assures that the chosen pulse overlap and other laser settings are kept.

3 Scanywhere solutions:

Scanywhere Engine “only the brain” software and the PC-controller:

  • This solution is ideal for line integrators designing multi-process manufacturing solutions, with laser know-how and want to automate the surface treatment process.

Scanywhere integration “brain and hands”:

  • Besides the controls, 4JET supply robot, lasersource and optical technology including tailored laser settings for your application, tried and tested in the laboratory of 4JET.

  • For integrators with automation experience who need to integrate a laser solution but without specific experience with the laser technique itself.

Scanywhere Turnkey “the complete solution”:

  • A fully automated, ready-to-use class 1 laser system, including material handling, a turnkey installation.

  • For OEM customers who expect fast results, hands-off, within budget and on schedule.

P4S Laser Cleaning Scanywhere laser cleaning
4JET SCANYWHERE introduction
P4S Laser Cleaning Scanywhere Turnkey