Aluminium products like cage ladders, safety ladders, walkways, stairs, (mobile) platforms and railings

For our aluminium gangways we have a nice cooperation with Alproned in Bennekom.
Our experience over the past years learned that there is a need for a variety of aluminium products.
This is why we have decided to expand our cooperation with Alproned.

P4S Aluminium products

Aluminium is a exquisite material, which has the following advantages in comparison to other metals:

  • 100% corrosion resistant

  • Untreated no maintenance

  • More durable then steel and iron

  • Easily processable and assemble

  • Light weight

A selection of the products:

Cage ladders

safety cage ladder
P4S safety cage ladder
P4S Safety cage ladders
P4S Safety cage ladders

Various applications of cage ladders:

  • Escape ladder

  • Fire Escape ladder

  • Inspection-, maintenance- and cleaning ladder

  • Chimney ladder

  • Facadewall ladder

  • Silos, Shafts, working platforms and landings

Our Cage ladders:

  • Customized and various models

  • Special aluminium profiles and slip free steps/landings

  • Modular system for different circumstances

  • Assembled with staggered landings if necessary

  • Untreated or coated with free choice of color

  • According to EN14122-4 and NEN2484

Platforms and staircases

P4S stairs with platform

Our platforms are ideally suited to use in an industrial environment. EN ISO 14122 (Safety of machinery – Permanent means of acces to machinery).

The platforms offer some important options:

  • Available in the version of your choice, self supporting or suspended , fixed or mobile

  • To be added are fall protection railings, baseboards, parapets, handles and bumpers

  • Available with different types of (safety) floors such as, for example perforated plates, tear plates and gratings

  • Adjustment of the dimensions is possible to certain extent

P4S Aluminium stairs

If the roof is obstructed by obstacles, a staircase can offer a solution. A staircase is placed at an angle, so the available ground space must be taken into account. For every situstion we can supply customized staircases both with and without handrails.

Customized specials

P4S Aluminium mobile platform

We can also deliver project-oriented custom work. Solutions for industries that must meet specific requirements and regulations for climbing equipment and climbing techniques. More and more organizations need special applications for the industrial environment and working at high altitudes. Together with Alproned we have the knowledge to deliver specific custom work.

Aluminium safety- construction fencing
Fencing safety construction
P4S Aluminium mobile platform
Mobile platform
Aluminium rooflight safety construction
Rooflight safety construction