Aluminium products like gangways (walkways), stairs, cage ladders, safety ladders, platforms, railings and flat boats. High quality resilient-, PTFE seated, High Performance butterfly valves in various steel, bronze and aluminum alloy. Innovative laser solutions for surface treatment and industrial cleaning techniques.

Products4Ships was founded in 2016 and is located in De Rijp, The Netherlands

Out of pure passion for shipping and technology, we started as a supplier of aluminium Gangways and butterfly valves.
Together with Alproned we designed and developed the Gangways and also become a Business Partner of EBRO.
For our aluminium Gangways we have a pleasant cooperation with Alproned.
Due to the increasing demand for aluminium products we have decided to expand our aluminium business for various industries.
In 2018 4JET Germany appointed us to be the agent in The Netherlands for the Jetlaser and since the beginning of 2021 for the Scanywhere as well.

Below our product range for the following business units:

Specialized in products for the shipping (seagoing- & inland vessels) and shipbuilding sector. Our product range: Aluminium Gangways (customized gangways, bulwark ladders and platforms), EBRO butterfly valves, iDuctor (the ultimate tool for flameless heating) and aluminium boats.
Supplier of aluminium constructions for safety. Our product range: Cage Ladders, (mobile) Platform, Stair cases, Fencing safety constructions, Railing systems and customized specials as well.
Laser cleaning and surface treatment for multiple branches. Our product range: the Jetlaser (mobile laser cleaning system) and the Scanywhere (the robot system for laser surface treatment).