The iDuctor, the ultimate precision heating tool



Now also available the iDuctor Power Plus W2300

Developed to dismantle even the heaviest metal connections
The ultimate hand tool for heating up large and heavy machineparts in a very short time
With 2300 Watts this tool sets a new standard in the world of induction heating


This electronic tool applies heat through induction technology, which makes it possible heating up a wide range of ferrous metals from the inside out
Characteristic of induction heating is that the outer components are heated, in contrast with the use of a gas burner which heats everything simultanously
The difference in temperature (and expansion) of the components makes it easier to seperate them from each other
Local heating is possible within a few seconds.
Characteristics of the iDuctor Power Plus W2300:
- Able to heat up large machine parts, in weight and size
- A wide range of applications per example for the Shipbuilding, Shipping
and Offshore
- The Power Plus set with suitcase weights 4kg and the single tool just
weights 1,4kg
- If necessary, higher temperatures can be reached
- To be used with special spirals and longer flexible cables  with the
lengths of 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm and 3500mm


Products4Ships iDuctor Pro-Kit

Content Pro-Kit:
iDuctor W1200 + power cord with IEC lock
Set of 8 heating coils (M8, 2xM10, M12, M16, M20, M24 & M30)
Flexible heating cord 1100mm

The iDuctor can be used with stuck and corroded nuts, bolts, shafts, bearings and similar components
Components like this at positions which regularly experience heat, vibration, oxidation or corrosion
are often very difficult or impossible to remove with ordinary tools



Products4Ships iductor manual EN



Products4Ships iDuctor

iDuctor W1200


Products4Ships iDuctor Power Plus

iDuctor W2300

Products4Ships iDuctor Power Plus Basic-Kit

Content Power Plus Basic-Kit:
iDuctor W2300 + power cord with IEC lock
Set of 2 heating coils (M8 & M10)
Flexible heating cord 2000mm

Safety and benefits:
A gas burner or an angled grinder are often used for this purpose
The disadvantage of an unprotected flame can be risky and unsafe
Sparks, caused by the angled grinder, are risky and grinding will damage the other parts around
Using the iDuctor will be a great advantage because induction technology is faster, safer and flameless in relation to the alternatives
Induction also offers a way out in case metal components are frozen together



Products4Ships iDuctor flyer

Note: In practise, normally it won't be necessary extremely heating up the metal components till they are red hot in order to free them
The red hot components as illustrated in the flyer are only to illustrate the heating power of the iDuctor. Excessive temperatures could cause degradation of the heated metal and damage of the heating coil

Extra accessoiries:

Products4Ships iDuctor

Flexible heating cord 1100mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm & 3500mm

Products4Ships iDuctor heatpad

Heatpad to remove stickers, paint- and glue residues

Products4Ships iDuctor

U-heating coil bendable at specific shape as needed

Products4Ships iDuctor

Fusee heater

Products4Ships is also the official iDuctor distributor in Singapore

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